John K. Costain: Professor Emeritus of Geophysics

David and Beverly Worthington Establish the John K. Costain Endowed Faculty Chair in Geophysics

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The John K. Costain Endowed Chair in Geophysics

Virginia Tech

The first holder of this faculty chair will be a world-renowned scientist and preeminent scholar in the field of reflection seismology as developed by the petroleum industry. This endowed chair is a preeminent full Professor appointment reserved for those whose scholarly and professional attainments have already attracted national and international recognition. Candidates should be thoroughly knowledgeable in both theoretical and applied methods of reflection seismology and have demonstrated original and significant contributions to theoretical developments in this area. The holder of this Chair is expected to develop his or her own research program, teach courses, direct graduate students, and bring in outside funding for research. Short letters of nomination, including self-nominations, are solicited from qualified individuals from academia or industry. Nominations for individuals from under-represented groups are encouraged. Internal candidates are not eligible.

Send nominations to: Dr. Kenneth Eriksson, Chair, Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences, 4044 Derring Hall, Blacksburg VA 24061; inquiries

Nominations will be considered until an appointment is made.

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SAGE -- Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience


Research Interests:

Reflection seismology; Intraplate seismicity (hydroseismicity); Heat flow.

John Costain's Hubbert and Peak Oil Website. (14 mb PowerPoint Presentation)

Department History: Reflection Seismology and Heat Flow, 1967 - 1997

Imaging With a Single Vibrator

M.S. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations in Geophysics at Virginia Tech: 1967-1997

Establishment of the John K. Costain Graduate Geophysics Endowed Scholarship

The John K. Costain Geophysics Computing Facility


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